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Think I'm losing weight, ooh and hello all.

Firstly, you are all lovely ladies and I think you are all fab! And it's nice to have a place like this to talk about weight-y stuff without the cries of 'But you're lovely' or 'Well, I did want to say something'

I've been doing 10 salutes to the sun, 20 sit-ups, 30 bottom crunches, 30 bust thingys and 20 side to side thingys a day (well kinda) for a while, and finally I think it's making a difference.

I still have a massive arse (but short of lipo, that ain't going anywhere), but my top half is looking better!

However, I do these excersises in secret cos my housemate is a real pain about it all. Brown bread isn't healthy, neither is salad, but fried egg sarnies - well!

It's enough to make one scream, but anyway enough of this wittering. Hello to you all *waves*. Pass the cake!
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Go on girl! You can do it!
Mmmmmmmm, cake naaaarrrrggggghhhh... *dribbles*


Go you!
nice one bird!.. i did that callanetics thing for a while, and that made a radical difference to my overall shape. it's not really my style though cos it's really really slow and precise, and i would rather throw myself around like a lunatic. ho hum. and did someone say fried egg sandwiches?? ooooh.